Businesses find themselves to be very busy with orders and clients on a daily basis. These days orders are no longer faxed, it is emailed. So it has become important for businesses to ensure that documents emailed are available when required and are saved.

If you own a PC or laptop then you are most likely using Microsoft Outlook to view your emails. If you have your emails stored on your laptop then it is important to back it up. You can do so by backing it up to an external hard drive. It is advisable to do this on a regular basis. You will need to determine how often backups will be required based on the type of business you manage and the amount information that is sent and received each day. Ensure that you back up the files often because if your laptop crashes all that information will be gone in an instant.

Exchange emails have recently been developed to enable businesses to store emails in the cloud. You can still view your emails on your laptop but the information is not stored on your hard drive. Rather it is stored on a remote server referred to as the cloud solution Johannesburg. With exchange emails when sent and receive emails are stored on an external server you can retrieve it on any device at any time. No information is lost. This is particularly good to have in place especially if you’ve had the drama of a crashed laptop. It is not fun to lose any information so it is good to know that even if your laptop is stolen, you can get all your emails on another device and continue as usual with little to no downtime. Keeping the emails on the cloud is a great backup solution if you don’t have the time to bother with regular manual backups. When the email is sent or received it is instantly stored on the server. You control whether a particular email is deleted or not. It’s not left to chance.

Whichever way you manage your business information, make sure that you have a backup solution in place to ensure the continuation of the business activities.