Have You Ever Lost All Your Emails?

Because your laptop or PC CRASHED!

Or your Backups FAILED!

Or your PC was STOLEN!

This is a part of our reality. PC’s fail or get stolen.

Web2Go has come to your rescue!

Prevent your emails from being lost forever due to such hazards.

With our Cloud Email Exchange Service
Whatever happens, your emails will be SAFE.

How you ask?

All your emails will be stored in the Cloud on an Exchange server.

Is there enough space?

Plenty! A whopping 25 GB per email account.

What else is in it for you?

1) All your emails sync accross all devices, if you send important mail from your phone it will now be on outlook and other synced devices

2) You will also get Calendar Sync capabilities. The meetings you create in Outlook will auto sync to your cellphone, tablet and any other device that has your email. So you’ll never miss a meeting again.

How much is it?

01 – 10 email addresses will cost R 79pm per email account
11 – 30 email addresses will cost R 74pm per email account
30 – 50 email addresses will cost R 69pm per email account
50 – 100 email addresses will cost R 64pm per email account
100+ email addresses will cost R 59pm per email account

Don’t wait until your PC gets fired.