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Choosing the right domain is important.

But how do you that? What is considered the right domain?

Every company should have its own unique domain for their website. We offer a domain hosting service for your website and email accounts.

What are the benefits of hosting your domain with Web2Go?

Continuous support | We minimise any downtime | Issues can be addressed by our technical team

What is the difference between .com and

With Web2Go you will receive a professional service because you are not just a number to us. You are an individual that requires assistance right away. We pride ourselves on our quick service and fast technical issue resolutions.

If you are based in South Africa, having a domain will be beneficial to search engines’ location settings. A person in South Africa will find more localised websites based on their domain extensions.

A .com website is more American and internationally based. So people searching for your products or services may dismiss your website because they may think that your business is not near to them.

Before you build a website, take the time to decide on the best domain name for your business.