How to choose the right type of website for your business?

How to choose the right type of website for your business?

Did you know that have lots of choices when it comes to designing a website?

You can choose a Dynamic, Brochure, E-Commerce, or Catalogue Website. It all depends on the type of business you have and how you want to engage with your prospective customers.

To decide on a website that is right for you, ask yourself these questions:
– What type of business do you have?
– Who are your customers?
– Will you sell online?
– Do you offer a service?
– Do you sell products?

Once you’ve answered those questions, these are the website options for your business:
-If you have a consulting business you don’t have products, you offer a service to professional clients. A Dynamic Website with interesting sliding pictures of your business will grab the eye of your prospect.

– If your business is based on online selling and you sell to consumers who have internet access, then an Online Store with payment integration is ideal for your business.

– If you sell a lot of products in your store and you want to display these products to your customers, then a Brochure Website is ideal.

– If you need to upload and remove products via a content management system, then a Catalogue Website will work best for you.

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