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Google Adwords service is a form of paid online advertising that allows you to advertise for your chosen product on the biggest search engine on the world wide web.

Also known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Google Adwords allows you to create tailor-made adverts, directed to users that are already searching for your product.

In Google there are multiple platforms to use, each has its own specific benefits and goals. These are namely:

  • Google Search
  • Google Products
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube

The best part about Google Adwords is that you only pay if people click on your advert and budget can be adjusted and suited to your requirements.

Why use Google Adwords?

On a daily basis millions of users are looking for products, services or information. The easiest way to find these in the quickest way possible is to “Google it”. This is done by typing in a keyword or phrase to describe what they are looking for.

Benefits of Advertising on Google

  • Set your own budget and fully control your costs, daily and monthly budgets can be set
  • Localisation on advertising allows you to advertise to a specific province, city or suburb
  • Detail reports are available on a monthly basis
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How Does Google Adwords Work? 

Keywords and phrases related to your business are used for advertising, and are linked directly to your ad shown on Google. When a user is searching for one of your keywords on Google, your advert will appear on the front page. By doing this, you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in you.

Users will click on your ad to know more about your product and service that they are already searching for. This is a subtle way of attracting more customers to your website, educating them about your business and most importantly, making a sale!

How Web2Go Can Assist Your Business With Google Advertising

  • Web2Go manages campaigns on Google Adwords
  • We provide you with in-depth keyword research and monthly reports on your campaign
  • Monthly adjustments on your campaign and optimise it to generate the most leads possible
  • We believe in a proactive approach, by analysing keyword traffic and cost estimates

For more information on Google Adwords, contact Web2Go today in Johannesburg & Pretoria.

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Google Adwords Services