Reduces the Manual Work

Provides an automated process to manage your web site products, this results in less manual work required. By reducing the manual work it allows your web team to focus on other productive tasks. Have an updated web site for clients for a better online shopping experience.

PoS to Website integration reduces the need for a dedicated team to manage web site products on a daily basis.

Error Free Process
Manual updating of stock and products is tedious process and human errors will occur. By integrating your PoS to your WEBSITE you eliminate issues on your site related to price and stock quantity.

Increasingly Improved Productivity
Your web team can now focus on processing orders and dealing with queries instead of manually updating products, pricing and quantities.

Single Streamlined Process
If you have multiple stores your website can now show products that are not in stock in one store as available to order online as other stores have stock. This assists with increasing sales that would have been lost. Using a streamline process allows all stock available across multiple stores to be available at one central point for online purchases.

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