Digital Marketing & Advertising

Web2Go Pretoria & Johannesburg core focus is to create a tailor-made digital marketing solutions and online advertising services for each client, ensuring their presence not only exists online, but has a positive impact on their business. The heart of our company creates a synergy between creativity, functionality and compliance.

Our Web2Go team strives to create online marketing strategies that are comprehensive and involves the right combination of media that will send leads to your business. In this day and age having a holistic approach to your digital marketing plan is the best way to get sales. Customers need to see your brand in more than one media. It is said that a customer needs to see your brand at least seven times before they make the decision to contact you. So if your brand is on different social media platforms, on a website, in a newsletter and on Google Ads, then you taking on a more comprehensive online marketing solution. This builds trust in your customer’s mind. We have a team of experts that specialise in each area of digital marketing in Johannesburg & Pretoria so that every aspect of your marketing is optimised. We believe in keeping up with the fast-paced world of web, and allowing our clients to gain the best return on investment possible. 

Our digital offerings extend to Website Design, Website Hosting, Google Adwords Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Managed Bulk Emailing Marketing Solutions, Cloud Exchange Email Solutions, Cloud Back Up Solutions and Cloud PABX Solutions.

The latest addition to our services Cloud Solutions2Go is loved by our clients. This is why:

  • We are focused on getting you leads
  • Our marketing campaigns are tailored to your business requirements
  • We build relationships with our clients
  • We are your marketing team

If you are looking for an outsourced marketing team that will be dedicated to building an online community on social media, increasing your brand awareness and driving leads to your business on a regular basis, then you have come to the right place. Web2Go is dedicated to seeing our clients grow from strength to strength that is why we build relationships with our clients so that we can offer specific tailored services to serve them better.

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