Customer service is a business’s number one priority. Your sales team need to be quick in responding to calls and emails in order to get the next order. We’ve now extended that customer service function to your website with Live Chat.

Chat with your customers

Live Chat is a platform on your website that allows your website viewers to interact with a contact centre agent directly. The Live Chat is active on your website at all times and there is someone at the other end who can respond to the website viewer immediately. The Live Chat contact centre agent will be given all the information about your products and services so that they can answer the questions quickly and efficiently. This gives the website viewer the impression that you care about your customers and that good service is a priority. In turn, this interaction builds trust with the website viewer who would then contact you to make a purchase.

Live Chat is a current and innovative platform that integrates into your website and gives your customers quick access to information about your business.

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