Every business needs a website in today’s era of technology. More people are going online now than ever before. Even the regular person now has access to the internet and can search for anything their heart desires. As a business owner you need to keep this in mind and have a competitive website that will intrigue potential customers.

Here are a few tips to improve your website.

Build Your Website from Scratch.

If you have an existing website that is not optimised or doesn’t look good, it is best to ask a website developer to build your website from the beginning so that you can be assured that the latest technology is used for your website which is best for search engine compatibility.

Hire a Professional Website Designer.

I know that it is cheaper to build the website yourself. But ask yourself: do you have the experience and do you know what to do to optimise the website? These are only two of the many questions that you need to ask in order to build a functional website. It’s not just about how it looks but also about how user friendly and interesting your website is. Invest in a good website developer to build a professional website.

Have a Call to Action on Every Page.

Invite the visitor to contact you or to buy now.

Add a Phone Number on Your Home Page.

Make it easier for potential customers to contact you directly.

Add a Google Map.

Customers want to know where you are based. While an address is helpful, adding a Google map helps customers to find you. It is also great for Google search purposes because when someone searches for your type of business, the location will play a role in you coming up in the search.

Match Your Corporate Image.

Your website should match your logo. You should determine your brand identity before you build a website. This is how potential customers will be able to identify you and relate to you better. Design your website around the colours of your logo so that there is a flow in your brand image. A consistent brand image builds trust with the potential customer.

These tips will enhance your current website or better yet will be a good starting point for building your website. A professional website designer will be able to give you more useful advice and suggestions on improving your site.

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