When you browse the internet you would have noticed how many websites there are on the world wide web. There are so many websites, some old and some new. Which ones do you most likely browse on? Would it be the ones that are easy to find things and the websites that look attractive?

People are attracted to beautiful things and a website is no different. When a website is attractive and eye catching you are drawn to it, but it must be functional too. If you can find what you’re looking for within a few clicks you don’t feel frustrated. Rather you feel quite satisfied and may be willing to contact the company for further assistance. It all starts with the website.

How does your website look? Does it compare with that of your competitors? Does it stand out? If your website doesn’t stand out you could be losing potential sales. So it is a good plan to find a professional website designer who has the best website design solutions for your small business. Listen to the advice of the website designer regarding which layout and design will best suit what your business does. A catalogue website may work well if you have a lot of products that you want to showcase. An online store website is a good idea if you have products that can be sold without the customer having to see the physical item. There are different layouts to choose from so there will be one that suits your business model best.

Then consider the content that you want to display on your site. Make sure that you have at least 300 words written for each of the pages so that you can optimise each one. It will be even better if you have 400 words written for the home page. This can improve your ranking too. Decide on certain keywords for each page so that you can rank better for that keyword on search engines. Your website designer will be able to assist you with this search engine optimisation process and can recommend keywords based on your products or services and what people are search for. It is ideal if you can get the website design team to write the content for you. They should be skilled in this area too. These days a standard site with substandard content will not perform well on search engines. Remember you are competing with other companies that are upgrading their website design, content and implementing relevant keywords on every page. If the search engine has to pick between a substandard site and a keyword and content rich website, it will choose the keyword and content rich website. Make sure that your website is the latter version otherwise you will lose out.

A lot of thought and hard work goes into building a professional website that is attractive and functional but also has good ranking with search engines. Do your research and make website design one of your main priorities in your marketing strategy.

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