When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing he or she wants to see is what the company does. The landing page might be your money shot to grab the attention of a person, but you also need to make sure that there is a message that your audience can understand.

A simple phrase on the top of the page should be present. This phrase should give an overview of what the company does. For example, if you have an Online Directory Website your phrase could be: Generating More Leads for a Brighter Future.

Don’t overload the landing page with bright and overwhelming pictures. Make sure that your logo is present at the top of the page. This will immediately let a visitor know who the company is without having to search.

A sign up form is a nifty tool for your website’s landing page. Once a person has read the general overview of the page they will immediately want to sign up if you have interested them. Keep the form somewhere around the bottom of the page to prevent clutter on your pages.

A menu is necessary if you have a lot to offer your audience. This menu should be straight forward and in plain sight that has items linked to every single page. This makes the visitor feel more comfortable and relaxed without stressing about what to search for.

Capture your audience with a bold colour that is unique to your company. Using this bold colour for your main phrase will make your visitor more intrigued with your company. Using the bold colour for your phrase also won’t clutter the page with colours and elements.

Some websites contain a diagram on the landing page that tells a person the methods that the company uses. This diagram could also be a playful element that appeals to a younger demographic.

Try to include videos on the landing page. This will allow the visitor to view information about your company rather than read about it. A video is more captivating and engages your audience.

Insert social media buttons at the bottom or top of the page. This lets people know that you are trying to engage on different platforms. It also indicates that you are putting an effort into getting new customers and impressing existing clients. It also lets visitors know that they can engage with your business or a more personal social platform.

A website designer is always keen on listing all the items that should be present on your landing page and they will also tell you what might not work. Usually, once a website designer has been brought on board to create a beautiful website then you need to think about how you will market website. The website is only the beginning.