A switchboard solution is entirely cloud-based. Cloud switchboard PABX is a virtual or hosted phone system that provides a secure and reliable business phone system by using the internet. It is not physically onsite for a business and requires no additional equipment. You don’t need to own your own technology for it to function. With a cloud PABX or cloud switchboard solution, it ensures that all technology, hardware, software, capacity, redundancy, connections and security is always maintained so that you don’t have to think about maintaining it yourself.

Buying and maintaining a traditional switchboard can be expensive, these costs can increase significantly when you include the wiring, proprietary phones, and equipment and installation fees. With a cloud-based system, all you need is a reliable internet connection. It is simple, easy and cost-effective.

How Does a Cloud PABX Switchboard Work?

Cloud switchboard systems are being overtaken by systems that use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. All cloud technologies are dependent on the internet. A cloud PABX system works by connecting to your IP, or internet phone for its internet connection. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems include hardware and software that send telephone calls and other information using the internet instead of traditional phone circuits. Data is transmitted in small packages of information. You can access your cloud PABX switchboard system with a personalized account from any device that can run the cloud interface software. This means that you can access your cloud from any internet-enabled location or device that you have certified for you to use for your system. It’s just a matter of logging in with a password or security question from the device giving you great mobility and freedom to use your office phone and PABX if you’re frequently out of the office – you can stay connected through your cloud PABX system. Your service provider also backs up all your relevant information that you want to store in case of a loss of data or if your computer crashed. This replication of data is referred to as “redundancy”. Today, phone calls over the internet are common and delivered with excellent call clarity.

The Advantages of a Cloud Switchboard Solution

  • Affordability. A cloud switchboard solution means that you don’t have to invest money in sophisticated hardware because your entire phone system is hosted and managed in the cloud. You will no longer pay a fee for every incoming and outgoing call. You can make an unlimited amount of calls all for a fixed monthly rate.
  • Reliability. Your calls are no longer sent via telephone line, instead, they are sent over high-speed internet connections. You don’t lose out on call quality when using this cloud PABX solution.
  • Cost Reductions. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) results in decreasing costs per call compared to standard telephone systems while offering many of the advanced features you are used to and more. With no need to purchase expensive PABX hardware, all which is required is a reliable internal network, internet access and a headset or handset.
  • Scalability. Your workforce numbers may fluctuate as your business grows. There may be periods where you scale up on the staff in one or more departments and other times when you scale down.
  • Security. Information needs to be protected at all times. Your phone system is a critical component of your switchboard solution and needs to be secured. Your host will ensure that your system is monitored and that the necessary upgrades and patches are installed promptly.
  • Technical Assistance. When your VoIP switchboard is set up, you will have immediate access to trained staff to assist you with any technical issues that may arise.

With the implementations of a cloud PABX or cloud switchboard solutions, your business will have all the tools required to increase productivity. It will also ensure that your telephone system is working to the fullest extent and making a difference in all aspects of your day to day operations. For your cloud PABX and cloud switchboards solutions, Web2Go can assist you today.

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